Intensive farming…in the UK?

On Sunday, I convinced my boyfriend to watch Vegucated with me. By “convinced” I mean I put it on while he was distracted by something else, since I’d already got him to sit through Okja on Saturday night, which was a disappointment tbh (review coming soon).

Vegucated follows a longtime vegan helping 3 meat-eaters to take on a 6 week vegan challenge. They talk through the health reasons, the ethical and moral reasons, the environmental reasons for going vegan, and the practical ways to be vegan, such as buying food, going to restaurants, cooking food at home and dealing with unsupportive family members. They also do before and after medical assessments to provide a quantitative result.

In one part, they took a roadtrip to visit an animal sanctuary of rescued slaugterhouse animals, and on the way back they briefly stop next to a “small” farm where two of them discover the rotting corpses of several pigs just sat in trailers and bins outside.

At this point, my boyfriend turned to me and said, “yeah, but that’s in America, it wouldn’t happen here,” and I actually agreed with him. My vision of the UK, though somewhat tarnished of late (Brexit and the Tories to say the least), is that we would never agree to having massive intensive animal farms here. People would notice and object. Surely…

Back at work Monday morning, I have the Guardian news website in the bottom corner of my screen to keep up to date with the world (and the boredom at bay), and as I’m flicking through, I see a picture of the inside of a barn filled with chickens – the usual image of a factory farm. The headline reads “UK has nearly 800 livestock mega farms, investigation reveals”!!!! (link opens in new tab)


One more (or 800 mega) reason(s) to avoid meat and dairy.


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