Random thoughts

  1. We went to a friends’ flat to watch the new Game of Thrones last week, and they cooked dinner for us, which we really appreciate. But, they made a separate vegan option; a really yummy mango curry. They all had some of it AND a beef curry. I couldn’t quite understand why they were unable to not have meat for one meal. We are having dinner there tonight (for the next episode, of course) so it will be interesting to see what they do this time.

  2. How much soya is too much soya? Some articles say that soya can cause hormonal issues in lady-folk. Is soya milk in tea a few times a day and a little tofu once or twice a week too much?

  3. Loss of sex drive. This seemed to coincide with going sugar-free, but I can’t find any information about why it might be on the internet. Is it related?

  4. I’ve started finding it gross/bizarre when people in tv programmes are craving McDonalds, or eating meat, or drinking milk.

  5. Do Americans know they’re eating chlorinated chickens? Or is that just “normal”? I only know about it from our recent Brexit articles in the UK.

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