Beware: Veggie Wraps

I really wish vegetarian and vegan weren’t two different things. I also wish more places did specific (non-salad) vegan options, so I don’t have to say “Could I have the veggie wrap, but like, vegan?”

I got caught by this trap on Sunday at a riverside pub in Oxford.

I ordered the veggie wrap after a lengthy wait at the bar and asked for it to be veganised. The barman wrote it down on the post-it note (I checked) along with my table number.

15 minutes later I get offered 2 bowls of chilli. Then a plate of sausage and mash. By this time I was starving. Finally, a veggie wrap turns up and I didn’t think to check it was the veganised version I’d asked for before wolfing it down. It was only near the end that I realised there was a weird taste lingering under the strong tomato and houmous flavours. F**k! Goats cheese. Sure enough, there was some white curdly bits hidden in the houmous.

I thought nothing of it and felt fine. I felt fine on Monday too. Tuesday, though, was another matter. Those bowel issues I mentioned in a previous post came back with a vengance. It’s now Thursday, and I’m still suffering intermittently.

Say no to cheese!


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